How to choose jewelry according to your face shape?

How to choose jewelry according to your face shape? - DOBLING JEWELRY

If you want to choose a piece of jewelry that suits you, there is an important principle: you should use the style and material characteristics of the jewelry to play a role in promoting your strengths and avoiding weaknesses for your face shape, skin color, and body characteristics. This is also an important reason why we wear jewelry.

(1) Round face: round earrings are not suitable, but straight and dangling earrings are suitable.

The matching of jewelry and face shape, pay attention to one that complements each other and can set off each other.

If you have a round face, or the contour of your face is more curved, then if you wear the same round earrings, it will look more round, which can be described as "round and round".

However, if a round face wears long straight and dangling earrings, it will give people a visually elongated feeling. At first glance, the round face will not look so round, but will feel elongated. , it looks more like the outline of a goose egg.

(2) Long face / melon seed face / triangular face: It is not suitable to wear slender jewelry, and it is suitable to wear short jewelry with a large horizontal proportion.

To sum up, if your face is long and your chin is pointed and prominent, then if you also wear slender jewelry, it will give people a sense of visual elongation.

Just imagine, the face is already long enough, and it continues to be elongated visually. Isn't that a Malaysian face? Therefore, you have to wear short earrings with a large horizontal proportion, which can visually expand horizontally, so that your face does not look too long.

(3) Square face: It is not suitable to wear earrings with square geometric shape, and it is suitable to wear curvy slender earrings and long necklaces.

But note that although square faces are not suitable for wearing square and geometric earrings, it is suitable for hand accessories, such as a square ring.

(4) Oval oval face: This face shape is not so particular. It can almost control various styles of jewelry, and choose directly according to your own preferences, but pay attention to the coordination with clothing.

(5) Diamond-shaped face: A diamond-shaped face is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin. The most suitable pendants and earrings are teardrop-shaped and other styles with arcs and widths, with a large lower edge and a small upper edge. You can also choose exaggerated earrings with a longer extension and long gemstone hairpins to make up for the narrow forehead. Rhombus and inverted triangles should be avoided.