How to choose jewelry according to your body characteristics?

How to choose jewelry according to your body characteristics? - DOBLING JEWELRY
(1) Tall:

The tall and big body is easy to scare the little brother away, so we must weaken this sense of strength and increase the sense of softness and delicacy. Of course, it is also not suitable to wear small jewelry, such as small earrings and thin necklaces, which look uncoordinated and easy to give people the feeling of being petty.

You can choose some accessories with more horizontal proportions and less vertical proportions, such as short necklaces, medium-sized earrings, etc.

(2) Petite:

Petite women are more suitable for delicate and small jewelry. It is not advisable to wear jewelry that is too large in size. Long V-shaped necklaces, large pendants, wide rings, etc. are not advisable, which will look awkward, out of place and incongruous.

(3) Chunky fat friend:

The most prominent feature of a chunky figure is that it has a large horizontal proportion. Since the aesthetics of contemporary people is a slender figure, we should choose a slender and simple necklace to stretch the visual effect of the vertical proportion. Earrings and rings should be of the right thickness, too thick and they will be lumpy, and too thin will not fit with thicker fingers.

(4) Tall and thin thin friends:

A friend of this stature tends to give people a feeling of thinness and slenderness, like a bamboo pole, and it is not beautiful. Being tall and thin means that the vertical proportion is too much, so we need to widen the horizontal proportion, which can make people more plump and three-dimensional.

Therefore, it should be matched with multi-circle necklaces with a larger area, accessories with a large horizontal proportion, wide bracelets, rings, large-circle earrings, etc., to enhance the horizontal visual effect and weaken the effect of thinness.